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  1. Tsujigiri
    Never heard of them being perceived that way, but if so, I'm in the same boat. [​IMG]
  2. camera
    Hi Tsujigiri,
    If you have tried out Silhouette glasses, how do you find the quality of the optics & frame?
  3. Tsujigiri
    Huh, I haven't updated this in quite a while... 
    I have tried a couple of Silhouette sunglasses. The optics were easily above average, I thought. I had the beta titanium hingeless ones, so the frames were pretty minimalistic, but they were very light and comfortable. I've heard that these can crack where the frame is drilled into the lens, and they didn't seem extremely sturdy, but that didn't happen in the limited time I had mine.
  4. camera
    Note. I better to stick to Mykita.
  5. stuartmc
    One word on sunglasses.... Persol.
  6. MrSpeakersPeter
    I just got a pair of the "watsons" and I love them.
  7. illitirit
    Dont know if anyone has seen this brand but I just got a pair and really enjoy them.  They are kind of like rayban wayfarer clones but with bamboo / wood for the legs.

    not to mention, they are CHEAP!
    Me too. I have about a dozen.
  9. davidhunternyc
    Hello, I have been researching Mykita and ic! berlin glasses, specifically who has a better hinge design between these two companies. If you need tools to repair Mykita hinges isn't this overly complicated? Conversely, doesn't the simplicity of ic! berlin's hinges make them superior? I've been reading stories from people who own Mykita glasses who said they are a nightmare. What's your opinion? I don't know enough to compare.
  10. Tsujigiri
    They each have their advantages and disadvantages IMO, so I own both. The nice thing about the Mykita hinge is that you can clip the sunglasses folded on your shirt when you aren't using them, and they won't spring up and fall off. Also Mykita has softer silicon pads, better antireflective coatings on their lenses, and sometimes more interesting design collaborations. IC! Berlin has started adding an extra bend in their hinges to make it less likely that their hinge will spring open, but it still can happen. However, I would agree that the IC! Berlin hinge is more durable and lower maintenance. While not completely necessary, the ability to take apart the hinge without tools to clean the lenses in a nice feature. More importantly, Mykita hinges can loosen with time and use (especially if you have a large head), requiring an adjustment at a shop that has the tools to do so. I haven't heard of IC! Berlin hinges having this problem.
  11. davidhunternyc
    Thank you so much for your incite. Your comments are very helpful. I've been searching all over for answers and so far yours is the best yet. Perhaps you can write a detailed review comparing the hinge designs of Mykita, ic! berlin, and Lindberg and then post your review on Amazon and other websites with large exposure. There isn't any YouTube videos comparing these companies either.
  12. Tsujigiri
    Thanks, I appreciate it a lot. Maybe someday I will branch out to Youtube videos or something. As for Lindberg, I would say that their air titanium frames are better suited for eyeglasses than sunglasses. Because the wire is thicker than sheetmetal, the lenses for sunglasses need to be custom cut from blanks like prescription glasses, and these lenses are a lot thicker than typical for nonprescription, which adds to the weight. Also, even though I know they last and are pretty durable, their frames feel the flimsiest of the three. I've only tried the air line, though, their sunglasses line may be better. You might also want to take a look at Ovvo, which is more along the lines of IC! Berlin. They're usually priced lower at retail than the other 3, as well.
  13. Asaf Karas
    Do you have any thoughts on sunglasses made by Revo, Smith or Serengeti?
  14. Hutnicks
    find yourself some vintage Serengeti's while they were still made by Corning and be done with it. Any ophthalmologist will tell you they were the best lenses ever made.
  15. Asaf Karas
    When did Corning stop making them?
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