Suitable Closed Back Upgrade (DT 177X Go, DT 1770 Pro, Fostex TR-X00)
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Dec 11, 2017
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Hello head-fi,

I've been on a small journey of headphones over the years. My current stable has been the AKG K7XX, Sennheiser HD6XX, and the most recent is the Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro. My current daily drivers are waffling between the DT880s and the K7XXs, unfortunately I sold my HD6XXs to a dear friend who needed a headphone replacement and I sold him mine on the cheap. Looking back, this might have been a mistake.

As a bass player and rock/metal enthusiast, I'm looking for a pair of headphones that impress me in terms of the bass department. They don't necessarily have to be cannons; I'm not an EDM enthusiast, but I like hearing the detail with some slight thump/impact. Just something to really appreciate the bass details in a track over the rest. Where you can really enjoy the slap of a bass string, or the thump of a bass drum.

I think I'm looking for a closed back, as my first foray into entry level audiophile headphones were the Audio-Technica A700s, (not AD open backs) and I enjoyed the tiny bit extra bass that the closed backs provided compared to the opens.

I don't necessarily have a budget but I'd like to keep it under $500. I was thinking about either the DT 177X GOs, the regular DT 1770 Pros, or the Fostex TR-X00s.
I have a friend who has the Fostex (old version with the non-removable cable) and I was impressed, but I could immediately tell that the mids and treble were recessed (maybe he had EQ on his setup, I didn't ask). But it was still a fantastic headphone to listen to, and they fit the bill quite a bit.

Some reviews I've read said the regular DT 1770 Pros are bassier than the 177X GO, should I try those? The issue I have with my current DT880 Pros is that the bass is maybe muddied a bit. I've listened to some of my favorite bass guitar tracks with them and while the bass is there, it lacks clarity and impact/thump in a sense, and seems muddy compared to my AKG K7XX. I've been using Peace EQ to try and solve these issues a bit, but it doesn't seem to really bring the DT880 Pros to where I truly enjoy them. The K7XX sound clearer, but still lack the extra bass kick I'm looking for.

I'm hesitant on the Beyerdynamic options as I'm not amazed by my current DT880 Pros, but I'm not necessarily going to count them out either if someone can sell me on them.


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