Suggestions please for cheap AMP/DAC
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Jun 23, 2015
First, apologies, I have been reading the forums and I am a bit overwhelmed with how technical things can get, I am very much out of my depth so I don't really understand that much about the subject. I do however know to ask in a place where people are passionate and knowledgeable about a subject, hence..
Please could someone recommend a good price/performance DAC/AMP that is portable, if at all possible with Bluetooth built in so I could use the DAC function at work and home and the Bluetooth for the gym?
To note, I have a decent Android phone and Soundmagic e10 headphones, I was given a 'Jabra Street 2' about a year ago which recently broke, up until then I liked it, it made the music sound better (to me) and was great for jogging. I have no real preference for bass heavy beats type sound nor for perfect true clarity, just all round better in general would be great. I intend to mostly use it for Google Play Music and Spotify on my phone. 
I was thinking of buying a second Jabra Street 2 but thought I could use the opportunity to find a better AMP for the money, I was originally hoping to spend less than £50 (UK) but I see that prices go way higher than that and I cannot justify the money not knowing what I would be buying. 
I have looked around, seen lots of cheap non branded AMP/DAC's on ebay and Amazon, many of which had poor reviews. I did however find one AMP/DAC that looked suitable, a 'Creative Sound Blaster E3'. My problem is that this is more than I was hoping to spend and I don't know if this is actually good product, for all I know (I'm hoping) there could be many better ones that are cheaper.
Is there then a kind of goto cheap AMP/DAC that lots of people know about, an intermediate level AMP perhaps better than the Street 2 for around the same price?
Thanks in advance guys.

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