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Suggestions for IEM-use with iPhone Xs


What alternatives will give me the best audio quality AND best convinience (as in microphone and Con

  1. Lightning - MMCX cable

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  2. MMCX Bluetooth adapter

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  3. Bluetooth DAC

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  4. Apple DAC

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  5. Other

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  1. fudgadeliq

    I have a pair of iBasso IT01 that I like very much. I would like to use them with my new iPhone Xs and I´m now looking for best option to do so. What alternatives will give me the best audio quality AND best convinience (as in microphone and Controls)? I´ve looked at solutions such as bluetooth adapters with MMCX connectors and also looked at Fiio BTR3 but I can´t really make sense of what option to go with. Should I go woth a Lightning MMCX Cable? Or just stau with my iBasso Cable and get a Apple "pigtale" DAC?

    Any suggestions would be most welcome!
    Thank you
  2. DeepSouth
    I have a mmcx lightning cable from ALO, silver plated litz, mic, and volume buttons.

    I've had three different lightning cables fail but ALO/campfire took care of me each time. Not exactly a good track record, but the convenience for people on the apple economy is worth the hassle.

    Failure one: it was a free lightning style cable when I bought Andromeda at RMA, after a couple days it quit working. I never had a problem with it's replacement after a year of use.

    Two: I bought the 3 button w/mic lightning style cable and the mic didn't work from the beginning. They swapped it.
    Three: That 3 button replacement cable was directional, as in the volume button only worked when plugged in one direction, and the volume often get very loud quickly as if the button was stuck. I brought it with me to RMAF and they swapped it on the spot.

    At RMAF I bought their reference 8 lightning style cable and I get better sound to my ears, and less distortion on bass heavy songs, but no 3 button w/mic options.

    After that I ordered custom equinox. While my lightning cables have been fickle, Campfire has treated me pretty awesome. They'll keep me as a customer.

    Now I have the A&K sp1000cu and it sounds a lot better than an iphone. I'm keeping my lightning cables, but they're not going to get much use anymore.

    If I were to complain at all about ALO's lightning style cable it's that there is a quiet hiss sound.

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