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Suggest better earbuds than "Skullcandy Titan"

  1. IcyPRO
    I was about to buy Skullcandy Titan earbuds, but after reading some reviews in here I've changed my mind.
    So now I'm asking you, could you please suggest me some similar earbuds that have:
    - similar price range
    - clear / crisp sound
    - strong bass
    Thanks in advance.
    Your help is much appreciated!
  2. ZARIM
    If you want crisp, clear soundquality then RE0 are highly recomended but if need more punchy bass and clarity then JVC FX3X, Sony EX310, JVC FXT90, FXD80 are great buy.
  3. IcyPRO
    Yeah, I think "punchy" bass makes great importance for me. ^,^
    Thanks for your suggestions!
  4. IcyPRO
    So I've checked them out. None of them are sold in my country - which is Slovakia, though I could buy it from Ebay. JVC FX3X and Sony EX310 are ones that caugh my attention, but mostly those JVC FX3X. "FX" ones are just a bit pricy...
    So you're saying that JVC FX3X are definitely better than Skullcandy ones?
  5. ZARIM
    The FX3X gives subwoofers like feeling because it's move air and bass is highquality on these which goes really deep and it's punchy with fairly wide soundstage, good instruements separation, good detailed mids and highs. BTW if you can find Turbine under this budget and it will highly recommend too because it's refind and bass is deep, reverbing and punchy on these.
  6. sence
    Hi , did you finally find an earphone which has more bass impact or rumble than this skullcandy titans?
  7. ExpiredLabel
    Let's not forget the sony mhc1 :wink:

    Look into those for great price/performance/value.

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