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Suggest an amp to pair with my HD 820

  1. cracknub
    Sup audiophiles,
    I’ve always wanted a pair of HD800 since I was in high school (about 14 odd years ago lol). Then the HD800 S came out but could never afford them. Well, I just received a brand new pair of HD 820s. Snagged these bad boys for $1800. Hard work sure does pay off and it feels great.

    Anyway, history aside, i’m in a bit of a dilemma. I’ve been using a pair of HD700 and a Darkvoice 336SE (w/various tubes, currently using some RCA's) for that last few years. So i plugged in my HD820 into the Darkvoice and man I can barely hear it. I have to crank the dial to the 3oclock position just to get a decent volume. So I figured something wasn't right first I swapped out tubes and no difference other than sound signature. I pulled out my good ole' Little Dot MK II and wow what a difference in presence. So I imagine there is something wrong with the Darkvoice that I haven't really noticed before and it also has a pretty bad hum (something I don't get with the MKII).

    So what's a good amp to pair with the HD820? Naturally, I would like the HDV 820 but I can't afford that right now (maybe next year). My budget is $1000. I was looking at the Woo Audio WA6 (2nd Gen). One thing to point out is that I don't want an amp/dac combo unit ( I use to want the WOO Audio WA7 over the years but you know... dac...). Current dac is TC Helicon GoXLR for gaming/streaming (primarily will be the HD820's main use) and an ASUS Essence One Muses Edition for music. I really don't want to see people pointing out that me getting the HD820 is super overkill for gaming. I know that... I know... It's a pair of headphones I've always wanted for years so leave it at that. I just want some solid recommendations for a decent amp to power these cans.

    So in short:
    -$1000 budget
    -No DAC combos
    -Tube or Solid state (looking forward to the SS recommendations as I don't know to much about them)
    -I'm a sucker for leds or screens on hardware
    -Is there even an amp that has an EQ?
  2. BananaOoyoo
    Easy SS recommendation would be the Massdrop THX one.

    Why no combos though? You can bypass the dac part of it if you want.
  3. cracknub
    The MASSDROP X THX AAA™ 789 ???
  4. Tsukuyomi
    Violectric V280
  5. BananaOoyoo
    Yes. (If you can snag one when it drops)

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