Subwoofer practically destroys this guys desk!
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Aug 8, 2011
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Aug 8, 2011
Ok watch this video before you continue reading on...

Shocking right..?  I did a bit of research, guess what sub that is.  The JVC CS-GS5100, a cheap $100 sub that can only put out 250w/rms and this video has gone viral with everyone thinking he has an amazing set.  I find it laughable at how stupid some people can be.

If I put one of my 10s under a desk of that poor quality my Plasma would be on the ground in pieces.  Fortunately I know not to buy poor quality desks with flimsy chipboard but rather 2-3" MDF, and definitely NOT put a subwoofer under it.

Ok, I don't actually know what his desk is made of but I know that he lied about the RMS of the sub and everyone thinks it is a God like sub.

Before I give you my take on this, what do you think?

I personally think well I know that he bought the JVC CS-GS5100, has the cone facing into a custom built or aftermarket enclosure and has a car amp hooked up in his room.

As for that amount of shaking.  Either the desk really is of that poor quality or judging by how close the sub is to the wall the port was "choked" and it was literally pulling and pushing on the wall or desk as it moved air.  This happened to me except it was my speakers the sub port was pulling on, the left speaker almost ended up through the wall.

And a picture to verify what sub he has in there.

People have no understanding of the reproduction of sound, I could rant on endlessly on how that subs sounded like an RCA came loose because the bassline of that song is not that constant, but rather hits of mid and low bass.  Either that sub lost a connection and was playing distorted noise or it really flaps around that bad not distiguishing between bass hits... 
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