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Sub $200 acoustic guitar? Washburn good?

  1. Unclewai
    I have an electric guitar at the moment, but I want to start playing with an acoustic guitar.
    I am just looking around at sub $200 level guitar.

    Particular looking at Yamaha and Washburn guitars since they are the most popular online for cheapo stuff.

    I am a 6months newbie at guitar, so I don't like to play with strings that are too high above the neck.

    I particular want to get either the washburn D11 or Yamaha F310.

    Never heard the D11 specifically, but I remember comptemplating on the D10 guitars when I was in guitarcenter. My friend has the F310, I really like the sound coming from it. But I really like the transparent red finishing from the D11.

    Any other suggestions?

    added auction for the d11 w/ pics
    Washburn D11 Transparent Red
  2. null
    Yamaha and Washburn guitars are supposedly pretty good for the money. I also recommend looking into an Epiphone acoustic.
  3. Dr. Picker
    I'll second looking into Epiphone.

    Great value. Good Sound. Very playable.

  4. pcolbeck
    Try a Tanglewood nice sound for the money. If you can afford a bit more then look at something like a Simon and Patrick SP6 Ceder or a Taylor Big Baby.
    I've got a Taylor and an Epiphone and both are great however a lot of people say that Epiphones very a lot (from quite good to really bad) between individual guitars. If you can go somewhere and try soem and buy the one you like as another guitar of exactly the same model might not sound too good.

  5. Gord SW Ont
    I've heard the Seagull brand is quite good for the money although I'm not sure you can get one for under $200. A few years back I got my daughter a Kort which so far has stood up better than the Epiphone my son used (according to him the Kort's sound is better???).
  6. pcolbeck

    Originally Posted by Gord SW Ont
    I've heard the Seagull brand is quite good for the money

    Seagull are made by the same Canadian factory that makes Simon and Patrick guitars. They do have a very good reputaion for their price.
  7. hubcaps
    I just bought a washburn d100m that looks very similar to that one. The d100 is discontinued and happens to be on clearance for $100 at musiciansfriend.com :

    The description says spruce top, but the one they sent me was a mahogany top. It's all solid, no laminate. I think this is the best bang for your buck. I used to think that the big baby taylor was the best value, but I've since changed my mind. The taylor (~$300) is still much better made (in USA vs. the chinese made washburn), but the sound is pretty darn good for $100. I think you would have to spend at least $300+ to get something equal to the washburn. In my opinion it needs minor adjusting. I get occasional fret buzz.

    The sound is more...bright, clear, and twangy like a taylor vs. warm like a martin. I also think that seagulls are great, I think they have a warmer tone. I'm not sure if they go for under $200.

    Go for the musicansfriend washburn. If you ever plan to upgrade, this will make a great backup guitar. Plus, it's only $100.
  8. Jahn Contributor
    if you dont mind pawn shop diving, have fun and go "antiquing" for a guitar. i found a guild F30 from the 60's in CRAPTASTIC condition in a rat hole and bought it for $200 cash, then spent $100 sprucing it up. I've had it for almost 15 years now - other axes have come and gone but that little Guild is a trooper - my "Willie Nelson" guitar. sounds awesome like a tiny cannon. so buy used, and get something with a solid spruce top, and you should be set!
  9. Unclewai
    I will try to stay away from bad condition guitars because I am still a novice. I tried to change the strings on my electric guitar, it took a little above 3 hours to get the job done...

    I tried a couple lower end epiphone guitars before, they don't play well against the same range yamaha and washburn. The guitarcenter I went to had a rather small selection, I don't remember seeing any Seagulls, I will go to a bigger one on BF.
    I will try to find the previously recommendations from MC, hopefully can find them.
  10. acs236 Contributor
    I have a Washburn acoustic not there lowest end -- a few models up I guess. I like it a lot.
  11. steel102
    I got a seagull s6 for $150 slightly used at guitar center. It sells for $300 new. It is made in Canada, where wood is cheaper. If if was made in the U.S. it would easily cost $800+. If you can stretch your budget by $100 and get a new s6 (if you can't find/don't want used), it is probably the best guitar <$300.

    It is an amazing guitar for the money, IMO it blows away any alvarez/yamaha in the price range. www.epinions.com has some reviews of it, and you can google search for some more. I have heard nothing but praise for this guitar, and my ears tend to agree [​IMG]
  12. riffdog
    Are you still looking for a Washburn D-11 TBL?
  13. fuego
    Just got this Washburn Acoustic Guitar today and I've been playing it for a couple of hours. First impression, Build quality is fabulous. the wood, the bridge, the detailing, everything is just impeccable. It looks fantastic. I love the way the neck feels. As mentioned, the WD 10s comes strung with D'Addario strings. The tone is nice and bright. the strong point of this guitar being the mid range and the early bass notes. the sound is just vibrant and its surprisingly loud. Mine did have a bit of a slight high action but nothing to complain about.
    I strongly recommend this guitar to any beginner or an intermediate guitarist.
  14. wink
    Takamine for the win.....    [​IMG]
  15. slowpickr
    Yamaha and Seagull are good value guitars. Blueridge is good but not sure you could even get one used for $200. Stay away from Fender.

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