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Stuck between the Aeon flow and lcd-2 classic

  1. corgifall
    Have the m1060's and while I love the planar sound I'm getting from them I want something better and I'm stuck between the two aeon flows and the lcd-2 classics. Wanting a little more thump when it comes to the bass. I hear the newer lcd-2 classics and the aeon flow opens both have a warmer sound. Anyone who has either have a recommendation? My fav bass headphones are my Sony z7's but the mids and highs are no planar clarity.
  2. buke9
    Well tried out the M1060’s not long ago and they were sent back. If you want more thump and warmer the LCD-2 Classics are what you want as the Aeons I would not say are very warm.
  3. corgifall
    Sweet! I appreciate the input. I have a shop near me that said they can at least demo the aeon opens and normal lcd-2

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