Stressful wfh because of Covid19, what to do?
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A bigger issue for many who still have a job is realizing their personal and home lives are not good. Chasing short term goals and trying to keep up with others has led many people to a life that really sucks when you look past the 'glitter'.

Now that people are generally staying at home 24x7, realizing their 'significant other' is not really someone they want to spend their life with is harder to ignore. Add reduced or no income to soothe over the rough spots with the relationship and the downward spiral continues. Self-focus also tends to amplify these bad feelings.

Among my co-workers, a lot of them have a lot of 'good time' and superficial friends. This leads to a lot of people not having good support networks when tough times arrive like now. If you aren't good at being happy and fulfilled on your own, you really need REAL FRIENDS that are with you in thick and thin, good times and bad. Modern societies definitely don't support this type of relationship to any significant degree.

Add tensions from divisive politics or public policies and the oppression from self-interested hypocrites makes it harder to find the brighter side of life.

Regarding noise and distractions, do you have a picnic table or a shed you can turn into a 'man cave' to get a little peace and quiet? Mental confusion over a common space used for other things can be a problem for some. In my case, I don't read books, watch television or, use my laptops or tablets in my bedroom, otherwise, my sleep patterns become very problematic and irritability or mild depression or anxiety can start. Sleep hygiene is very important for me to avoid 'sleep stress'.
Beautifully said. This is not a headphone/ noice blocking issue. This is a mental health issue. And I'm not referring to the OP but the whole society. Covid restrictions did not necessarily caused it but revealed it in its full colors.
To the OP- hang in there. Try meditation and or some 4 7 8 breathing exercises. Decompress and get back to what really matters in life. Good luck.
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I remember hearing on the radio that a woman who was married for 50 years lost her husband from passing away from old age. Everyone thought she was devastated.

But she revealed that she actually didn’t mind. It turned out that they were not into each other. I was shocked!
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Pets are a long-term commitment and shouldn't be a 'spur of the moment' choice but, unconditional love from a dog or cat are also a great mood lifter, at least for me. The two cats I adopted live around my front porch and there is nothing like a good purr to raise your spirits! When they see me out and about, they run to greet me and are a welcome change to the treatment I received in the 'big city' as well (no more anonymity like when I plodded through life in the big city).

Yes... It is good that we have a dog, he helps us a lot with dealing with stress. We love pets so much! If you take good care of them, they will do so much for you! I would like to recommend that you check out the service called Pet Pharmacy, for example. I am sure that you will find awesome supplies and treats for your pets, I like that online store so much!
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