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Stereo or 5.1 doesn't use True i panning

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by Avatar86, Oct 4, 2019.
  1. Avatar86
    I just had an epiphany :)
    (First for me, and maybe others will find this interesting too).

    Ex. When a car drives by in a stereo image, it is just the volume that changes from Left to Right not the standing sound wave.

    So for us to get a True Stereo panning, we would have to have mooving speaker kones. That change the trajectory of the sound (and the volume) while panning from left to right. Two moving heads, two more channels to our Home Theatre (and in the cinemas).


    I'm not saying it's impossible to create it if we want to. I wound like to see this tried some time. Hence, I'm putting the idea out there :)

    Will it make that much difference? Maybe. We know when we try :) we will hear the difference though, that I'm sure of.

    Thoughts? (And yes since this is a relatively controversial idea... let the crap.. I mean brain storm begin :D ).
    Thanks for reading, hope you found it interesting (sorry for bad english).
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2019
  2. gregorio
    1. Do you have a sound editing program? If so, why don't you download the sound of a car with the engine running, pan it from left to right and see what it sounds like? If not, then you'll have to take my word for it that it doesn't work at all. For it to sound convincing, you'd first have to account for the Doppler effect (the shift in pitch due to the compression and rarefaction of the sound waves as the car approaches and recedes) in addition to the volume change and to make it even more convincing you'd need a stereo in/out reverb to create sound reflections with the appropriate timing and direction.

    2. Imagine a scene in a film where we had a group of people walking past from right to left, 4 cars passing from left to right and a plane flying front to back over head. We'd need a bunch of speakers moving from right to left, 4 speakers passing from left to right at say 40mph and another speaker a thousand or so feet above the listening position travelling at say 300mph. So that's a bigger listening room than could ever be built, with wires all over the place and numerous motorised speakers moving in all different directions at different speeds, not particularly practical IMHO :)

    Stereophonic sound is an illusion. An illusion that generally requires a lot more than just changing the volume from left to right, in order to be convincing.

  3. bigshot
    Last night, I played the new multichannel mix of Abbey Road and on the fragment of song at the end of side 2 they panned the vocals from right rear to right front to center to left front to left rear. The vocals moved around the room maintaining the same volume level, just different directionality. Worked good.
  4. Avatar86
    Mr. G!

    Now we're Talking :D
    Think about it, a Cinema where there are a dozen moving speaker heads that turn as different things happen in the movie.
    Two girls walking by, a car runs the other way. It's perfect! ^_^
    Dolby Vision or THX+ or Super Surround (I'm just name dropping :) )
  5. Avatar86
    Sounds Awesome! :D Would like to hear that too :)

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