Stello HP100 Signature ??
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If you go now to "for sale" forums, on the "headphone amp" section you will see that someone is selling an Stello HP100.
Howether i see a VERY nice photo there, the inscription on the box!

I think that we will see an balanced HP100 called HP100 Signature very soon on the market

Let the flaming begin!
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wow nice find!!!

it would be great to stack the dac and hp signature
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I think that it will never happen. It wasn't so long ago when they decided to make that ridiculous price bump for HP100 without any upgrades or modifications for the amp (at least they didn't announce any). Price just went from $595 to $995. Outrageous.
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When I saw that on the box, I got VERY excited too, but I contacted April Music recently, I got the same response, which was that it's not gonna happen...

I think initially it was an idea, but they had changed their mind a while ago and didn't bother to reprint the boxes
To be honest though, I'd imagine that they would probably just add a larger variety of outputs instead of drastically change the internal components
The HP100 is in a similar class to the Headamp GS-1 ($899) , so IMO a price increase is understandable, but how much of a price increase is definitely tough to say
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nice find indeed. I was actually looking at the pic in "Sale" forums but didn't noticed it

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