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Steam games

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by demon2277, May 1, 2015.
  1. demon2277
    Any one play csgo poe or another multiplayer would love to play with some one
  2. Natslx
    Got CSGO, use to play dota 2.
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  3. abvolt
    I've got over 200 games on steam feel free to add me if you like I'll join..
  4. hanzy
    Been on Steam for over a decade now.
    Name is hanzy, add me people!
    I've been short on free time for the last year or so, therefore I have not been playing many games.
    Right now I am into GTA V, so would love to get a group together for that.
  5. ThatSlimJoeKim
    add me if you want, i've got a lot of games that I haven't even touched.
  6. abvolt
    cool I'll do that..
  7. jethal
    Just a reminder the Steam Summer Sale is going on until 6/21 to stock up on discount titles
  8. abvolt
    Oh yeah I just picked up witcher 2 2.99 never played this one looks awesome and who could pass up this game for so low a price..
  9. jethal
    haha, I picked up Witcher 2 also. I knew nothing of the Witcher series until Witcher 3, but I bought the backlog so I can work my way backwards in the series.
  10. abvolt
    So far it's really good I own the first in this series, 2 is way better then 1, I'll check out 3 after i'm done with 2..
  11. Honey Waffles

    Same here, and what's worst is that I can't stop buying them lol
  12. orangekiwii
    If you have the time, I highly recommend reading the books the games are based on. Some of my favorite books ever. Not all are officially translated but the unofficial fan translations are pretty good and really make you connect with the characters even more when you play the games.
  13. CloudeKr
  14. saddleup
    I love Steam.  I've recently purchased 6 games and I haven't even spent $20.
    Square Enix sale right now, picked up these titles this morning....
    Deus EX GOTY $1.94
    Tomb Raider 1 $1.94
    Tomb Raider Anniversary $2.49
    I'm new to PC gaming so just started building my game collection. 
  15. audioBenj
    Most of my games are either free, come from giveaways, and coupons. I only going to spend money on one upcoming game and that is Tekken 7. It is going to be available this June.

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