stax SRD-7 adapter capacitor replacement question? noob question
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Apr 13, 2015
I was reading somewhere that its a good idea to replace the two "1 mfd 160 volt electrolytic caps" with polpropylene 250 (or higher)  volt caps in the Stax SRD-7 adapter
the "1 mfd 160 volt electrolytic caps" look like polar caps they have a + and -
are the polpropylene caps bipolar?
is it ok to replace them with bipolar caps such as these?

1uF Hi Quality Metallised / Polypropylene Capacitor

These RT (axial) non polar capacitors are ideal for high quality crossovers. They offer excellent audiofrequency characteristics and are rated at 250V
if not, what type of capacitor do I replace them with?
Im using an older SRD-5 adapter as the SRD-7 has a minor channel imbalance and one of the caps dont look so good, not sure if its the caps

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