Stax SR-L300 Impressions Thread
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The pads now snap off right? I'm thinking there is a clean way to use the snapping plastic part. Please post anything you find regarding that. I could use the help myself!

Yes the pads are no longer stuck to the ear speaker. but are hooked on to adapters that snap off. You think the SR-207 have bad bad earpads? the L300 are paper thin compared to them lol
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Yes the pads are no longer stuck to the ear speaker. but are hooked on to adapters that snap off. You think the SR-207 have bad bad earpads? the L300 are paper thin compared to them lol

Yes. They are quite thin. I currently just use the clamping force to hold my zmf earpads in place. I'm sure I look rediculous but who cares.
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Sorry. I meant using the snapping off plastic part to mod with zmf earpads.

Yes you can, that what I'm planning to do. But you can't use the current SR-207 3D printer adaptor as the opening is a lot larger with the L300 and the edges on the L300 snap off adapter is rounded. I'll take some photo to show you what I mean.
I'm still shocked from the speed and imaging ability of electrostatic headphone. The HD800 was my first ever flagship that I truly believe had life like imaging and clarity. Boy was I wrong, electrostatic imaging is like 3D and the detail retrieval is out of this world. I still wonder how the SR-207 and SR-L300 with or without mod sounds compared with the SR-007 MKI/MKII and SR-009. Can anyone with experience comment thanks.
Because my modded SR-207 has much more bass presence than HD800. Good thing is it's adjustable.
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I got some l300s eaelier in the year. I have them running from a musical paradise mp301 to a woo wee. I love them. I wanted a headphone that could compare to my harbeth p3esr when its too late for speakers, and they hold their own admirably. They have obsoleted my other over ear headphones. Detail, speed, clarity and musicality.
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I have the L300, I bought the 207 3d printed earpad adapter. I actually found the default configuration to be quite comfortable, the only real problem is the synthetic pleather pads that it come with don't breathe at all and make my head sweat. So I just popped off those pads and used some double sided foam tape to attach the adapter. It doesn't fit perfectly since the L300 is wider than the adapter, but the little gaps don't really bother me at all and the Shure 1540 pads I am using a quite comfortable.
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I'm currently looking into getting the SRS-3100, however I've also been eyeing the akg K1000. Now of course I'd get a full size amp for them, and I understand the two sets are completely different, but is there anyone who can compare the newer low level Lambdas (3100, 2170, 3170, etc.) against the K1000 Are the electrostatics clearer and more detailed? Or can the AKG's keep up or even surpass? Any thoughts are helpful.
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I have an old 3030 set (SR-303 headphones + SRM-313 amp) and I also have a pair of K1000. Keep in mind that I haven't heard the K1000 really well driven - say, from an expensive 300b tubed amp. For me, the main differences are:
- soundstage is obviously wider on AKGs; somehow, though, it seems to me a bit less cohesive than the "soundstage" projected by "normal" around the ear headphones like Stax or AKG K501. Anyway, it's a unique feeling, after K1000 anything else seems cramped
- both are very good at reproducing detail, but they focus on different things. The Stax reproduce ambience very well and allow you to head every instrument in a complex mix independent of each other. This makes listening through Stax a very easy on the ear experience. The music is coming to you in a relaxed, but persuasive manner.The AKGs have fantastic macrodynamics, they are like a fully charged sport engine, with sharp, precise attack and a very pure sound that emphasizes the texture of sound (like, you know, the "roughness" of the bow on the strings, as opposed to the resonance of the body of the instrument + ambient reverberations). Clear, spacious music in full sunlight.
- both are tonally on the lighter side, the K1000 more so (mine is a "bass-light" model, as far as I can tell). But if you can compensate for the brighter nature of the K1000 with careful system matching, the are very very good (better than the Stax by quite a bit) at reproducing the timbre of acoustic instruments! A cello sounds like a cello, a piano like a piano. This is their greatest strength IMO.
Hope it helps. IMO, YMMV etc.
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Thank you much Mr. Quichotte. Very good comparison. My main concern was that the K1000 would be not as clear and detailed, and more grainy, however that doesn't seem the case. I still have a tough choice however between that new 3100 system and the K1000, but you actually gave me an idea as to what I could expect. Decisions decisions.. haha
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Happy to help.
There was a very very old review comparing the K1000 with an even older Stax Lambda series headphone than mine - I think it was the Lambda Nova Signature, I'm not sure. Anyway, the reviewer used a very inspired, in my opinion, metaphor: K1000 = lion (majestic, powerful, impactful, agile, perhaps aggressive or rough at times), Stax Lambda = gazelle (very quick, nimble, fast reaction, relaxed and I should add that this speed feels very... effortless. Running very fast is also very easy, no sweating at all).
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Okay cool. I've heard nothing but good things from the new 3100 system too; bassier, warmer, better soundstage for stax. The K1000 is legendary though, and it would be so cool to own one. I have a difficult path in front of me. If I get the 3100 I'll post my impressions in here for sure though!
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A little bit at the bottom of the volume range perhaps - what's the approximate position of your volume control when you listen?.
It's not uncommon for small volume pots like those used by Stax for the 252 amplifier to have tracking errors in the lower end of the range. If you can, find a source with a lower output level and see if the problem persists when you turn the volume control up higher.
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I'm very interested on how it sounds compared to the SR-207.
Me too, question if you own 207,007 if it´s worth to spend money.
If they sounds nice and different than 207. Not in the mood to sell one of my old babies

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