Stax SR-202 driver distorting; what to do?
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Mar 2, 2013
Greetings all,
Perhaps a stax guru can help me out. Recently, a used Stax SRS-2050 headphone (SR-202)/(SRM 252) amp set came into my possession. At low volume it generally sounds fine, but when the bass gets strong, even at fairly low volume, one channel begins to distort. The problem did not seem to originate in the amp, so I took the speaker units apart and compared the drivers. It found that the thin material covering the face of the distorting driver is intact (no holes or tears) but is loose (stretched?).  As a result, the it sags in the middle and a sizable part of it makes direct contact with the electrostatic driver unit. When frequencies get low or the volume high, the dustcover starts vibrating, sticking to parts of the driver and puffing out unevenly in other spots. For lack of a more delicate term, I'd say the end result is that the driver starts farting out bass.
Part of the plastic housing/cage of the driver is somewhat distorted (indented and curved). My guess is that it was left in direct sunlight or by a heater, and this may have also resulted in the material/film stretching. I can't figure out if the material is simply a dust cover or is actually a functioning part of the unit's stator.
My question: Can anyone suggest a good way to remedy this problem? Any help is appreciated

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