STAX Sigma swap with Lambda 507 drivers

  1. twinge
    Good day everyone! Somewhere I saw an article about an experience of swapping drivers from STAX Lambda 507 to Sigma housing. Anybody know anything about it?
    I didn't saw any pictures or description of the process and actually I lost link to that topic...

    Can anyone help me with that? Search on forum doesn't helps...

  2. chinsettawong

    Why do you want to change the 507 driver into the Sigma?
  3. twinge
    Hi! I wanted to put L700 drivers into Sigma! But now I'm not sure. I've just finished installation of AIRBOW SC-1 drivers and cable at one of my Sigma headphones and I'm not sure now that I will repeat this procedure with L700...
  4. chinsettawong
    Are the old Sigma drivers broken?
  5. twinge
    No. They had Normal Bias drivers and I wanted to try them with Pro bias drivers.
  6. chinsettawong
    The normal biased Sigma sounds wonderful already.
  7. twinge
    Yes! I have one NOS/boxed with 05785 serial, the second one with 04263 serial are for experiments!
  8. gilency Contributor
    I have the Sigma 404 and they sound better than the normal bias by a wide margin.

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