Static noise on Switch->Monitor->PC chain.
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Hello guys. Let me explain my entire chain first in case that helps.

My Nintendo Switch is connected to my monitor (monitor 2) via HDMI, then my audio output is connected to my PC via line in.

Next, I have my ifi iDSD Black Label connected to my PC via SPDIF as well as some speakers via line out and a Lotoo PAW S1 via USB.

Lastly, my PC is connected to another monitor (monitor 1) as well, that way I can have audio from my speakers/IEMs from both my Switch and PC at the same time.

Now here's my problem. I get a lot of static noise only on the iDSD when my monitor is connected to my PC through line in. When I unplug the jack from my monitor the noise stops. Nothing through the speakers and S1.

Is there a way to eliminate the noise from the iDSD while maintaining the same connections? Maybe some sort of adapter between my PC and monitor's chain?
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