Starving Student PCB's
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Sep 13, 2008
I needed some Starving Student pcbs and the only way to get a decent price was to buy quite a few, I have checked with the moderators and it's ok for me to sell these at cost plus postage There always seems to be someone wanting to try their hand at building the SS this is the 12AU7 version
This is what they look like

This simply is the assembly low to high

Tube sockets go on the other side

final bits

Dont forget the heatsinks

Ready to find a case and you're good to go

These are the values of the part I used

MY MISTAKE C2 & C4 are marked on the board as C11 & C10 - WHOOPS :)
This board is a layout I made some time ago its super reliable very stable and works first time just plug in the right parts, the boards are $3.75 + $3.00 postage worldwide
If you want more than one board the postage will be at cost only
Give a yell if you want a board
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Thanks Avro thats very nice of you to say so

Yes I'm posting the first few this morning, so I hope we'll see some being built and enjoyed
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I think this is something a lot of people have been waiting for including myself.  God I want one but I don't want to do the casework.  You put me in a rough spot haha 

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Posted several now and I've got the postage sorted :)
2 boards $3.00 world wide
more than 2 boards postage jumps to $6.60 but that can be up to 250g so several boards in one package
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Yes no problems justy pm your email address and I'll send a PP invoice
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@ Dsavitsk
It's thanks to your work in adapting the SS to 12AU7's that we can all enjoy a very cheap fun project 

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Sure just flick me your email address and I'll send an invoice
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There is no problem with numbers at the moment so I can supply 1 or 2 easily

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