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Standard Sennheiser Cable - colour coding for cores

  1. Ninety
    After an ear infection, I've become paranoid and decide to give some Sennheiser HD218s a try, the idea being to go with something cheap to see how I feel about wearing headphones on my commute, as against IEMs.  They're not great SQ wise, but they're a handy size and they were cheap.  Anyway, the cable is very weak and it's cutting out on the left channel (I think there's a break next to the jack).  Unfortunately, I've lost my receipt...
    I'm considering recabling them with an original HD598 cable, as that won't break the bank and it'll save me having to solder the jack end.  The problem is, if I do that, I won't know which core is left, right or ground (unless I'm able to get into the sealed 2.5mm plug, but past experience suggests this is likely to result in me cutting myself) - can anyone confirm if there's a standard colour convention for this please?
    I know this isn't really worth it and I should pony up the cash for some decent cans, but I figure that I can do this repair for less than a tenner and that'll tide me over until I can afford something better.  If anyone has any other suggestions for alternative cable to use, I'm all ears...
    Thanks in advance

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