Stand alone c-media Dolby sound card?
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Sep 22, 2004
Does anyone have any experience with the card shown here ? The C-Media 8768. It is supposed to have all of these features:

The global first 8CH single sound chip with embedded codec saving customer total BOM cost
l Full-duplex 8CH DAC/2CH ADC
l Supports 96K/24bit playback; 48K/16bit recording
l CE level high-quality Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)~ 100dB
l IIntegrated S/PDIF transmitter supports 44.1k/48k/96KHz sample-rate and 16/24bits resolution
l PCI Rev. 2.2 compliant with bus mastering modes
l Supports the latest Dolby®; Digital EX and DTS ®ES 6.1/7.1CH DVD soundtrack playback
l Two S/PDIF inputs for optical and coaxial connectors individually
l Built-in earphone buffer at front-out pings(32 loading)
l One GPIO (General purpose I/O) support
l External EEPROM Interface for SID R/W purpose
l Supports MPU401 MIDI UART port
l DirectSound™ 3 HW acceleration
l ACPI compliant power down management
l Zoomed Video Port support
l Industrial standard 128-lead QFP package
l Pin-to-Pin compatible with CMI8738 series
l Digital power = 3.3V & 5V, Analog power = 5V

Valuable software technology:
l Dolby Digital Live 5.1 (AC-3) Real-time Encoder(8768+)
l C-Media Xear 3D™ 7.1 Virtual Speaker SHIFTER technology
l Sensaura®CRL3D HRTF 3D positional sound enhancement with multi-drive 7.1, EnvironmentFX, ZoomFX, MacroFX, etc.
l Unique Karaoke functionality: Mic Echo, Key-shifting, Vocal Cancellation
l Interesting Magic VoiceTM feature to change users' voice tone for IP phone, online games, and messenger applications
l 10-band Equalizer with 12 preset modes; 27 global environment effects
l Support 7.1 CH digital audio playback for WinXP, 2K, ME, 98SE (Microsoft DirectX V.8.1 above is required)
l Other oncoming features (ASIO driver, NR/AEC,...)

I froogled the card and I saw that you can get it for like 30 bucks. Can that be right? This seems to be the same as Intel's Azalia stuff but on a standalone card with all of the features enabled. Could this replace Soundstorm?

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