sr60 minor mods/recable quick Q's
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 15, 2004
so, i found the headwize page that speaks to taking apart the cans so hopefully that will be reasonably easy. i have some 20awg silver-plated-copper teflon wire i thought i might use to recable, and i thought i might quarter-mod the comfies. nothing fancy. just have a spare connector and plenty of wire and thought it might be a nice improvement. thoughts? anything i need to worry about? is that type of wire suitable? i'll only be using them at home so the stifness of the wire is unimportant, but i also have 22awg and 24awg of the same type. just wanted to do a quick post to see if i'm missing anything or anyone have any suggestions. i don't expect huge improvements; it's more for fun and to tinker.

thoughts? suggestions? i figure so many people have done this that they could probably help me avoid any unpleasant mistakes, or have suggestions?

i thought i might replace the grills with mesh or even a thin fabric, but i'm not sure it would make a difference, but i guess why not?


oh, i also have canare star quad if anyone would suggest that. it's certainly thicker though, and two wires in each cable wouldn't be used so probably not a great idea. i thought i'd simply twist the wire down to the Y-joint, then litz braid
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 2, 2005
I did a pair recently using 18 awg SPC wire, 4 strands litz'd for about 10'

opening them was pretty easy, i wasnt having luck with a spoon but i found the nylon guitar picks I had worked wonderfully, I used the hairdrier and kept sliding in picks until it popped off. when you open it put a peice of masking tape lightly on the back of the driver to show polarity, otherwise its very easy to mix up. (im not sure is this would make a noticiable difference but why not)

also the plastic grills melt very easily, hairdryer took one of mine (I was being dumb) but becareful. to get the hot glue out of the cups try using a papertowel on the glue then heating it from the backside, the papertowle should wick a lot of the hot glue out.

thats about it, feel free to PM me if you have any more Q

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