Spotify vs. Tidal
Oct 16, 2020 at 1:03 AM Post #31 of 31
My vote is definitely with Tidal, primarily for the much improved sound quality.

Since investing in better equipment it is quite noticeable vs Apple and Spotify both. If I limited myself to either of those, it would drive me crazy knowing I wasn't getting the best out of my DAC, amp, and headphones for which I've recently dropped some decent coin.

Haven't yet tried Deezer, and Qobuz is not available where I live, so Tidal it is for now. I'm finding plenty of new stuff to listen to, I think they do a pretty good job with suggestions, artist playlists etc to come up with things I might not have discovered otherwise.

I'll keep Apple Music, as there are a few artists that don't exist on Tidal, but 98% of what I want to listen to is (Prince included) and it sounds better. Also the missus uses Apple from time to time, and I'm waiting to see what the Apple One bundle is like...

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