SportaPro Vs. SportaPro... (not a typo)
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New Head-Fier
Jun 1, 2012
Hi all,
first post - I need someone to remove me of the doubt that I'm becoming crazy. My last set of trustworthy 12y.o. sportapros died a couple of weeks ago (actually they were the Optimus', the radioshack badge-engineered version, but it doesn't make a difference)..I went straight to order a new set online, which I got earlier this week... same presentation, the little bag, straight jack now, good feeling opening them the first time.
Start the music player straight to Yuksek (electro-dance, lotsa bass and synthetic textures) and then, massive disappointement. Everything sounds flatter... the ridiculously overproportional bass that was so polarizing in the older headphones (LOVED them) is just gone. I feel the treble are much dampened too. In other words, it just sounds vastly different... and not the right way imho.
Sorry if that's a known fact but I've just been living in my cave the past 12yrs... anyone can confirm I'm not crazy and Koss has changed something (for the worse) in their best selling product since I last purchase my last 3 sets in the US last millenium before leaving the land of the Free for good?

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