Specific PC Gaming Headphones - Active or Passive Noise Cancelling?
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Nov 8, 2004
Hey guys,
I recently got myself a new gaming PC for my little gaming room, and the fan noise is a bit of an issue.
Since I'm very paranoid about temps, I tweaked my afterburner fan profile in a way that my overclocked GPU does not exceed 75°C, however this pushes my fan speed to about 70%.

This is probably also due to me having the slightly strange combination of the tiny bitfenix phenom case and the Titan X graphics card (smaller cases have less of an ideal airflow).
Anyways, at the distance that I'm sitting away from the case (that is hooked up to my TV) the measured decibels range from 46-53, which is not a disaster, but it's very audible.
I was always able to zone it out in the past with other PCs that were much louder, but for some reason this has become more of an issue now.

So now I'm looking into closed headphones.
They don't have to be wireless, as I suppose I could use extensions, but I'd like to keep the room as neat as possibly.


These headphones will be used strictly for gaming, no films, music, etc.
Should I consider ANC at the 50db range, or should I just go for a decent closed back pair?

I was looking at the following models:

Asus ROG Vulcan Pro
This one has a built-in soundcard, and looks to be fairly appealing, anyone have any experience with those?

The Big Bad Bose
Overkill? Also keep in mind, I won't use them for music.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0
Overkill again? These look incredibly appealing. From the noise cancelling to the wirelessness. Would the Momentum 1.0 be worth considering?

These are all ANC headphones, as I'm not sure whether the passive noise cancelling would be enough, but hence my questions here.
Thanks very much for any potential advice.
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Sep 27, 2013
Seeing as your budget supported a Titan X, I suppose your headphone budget would be quite high as well. A decent pair of passive noise canceling headphones should suffice. I am about to receive my own first gaming computer, and have based the entire rig on silence, as I have open headphones. I am not aware of any active noise canceling gaming headphones, though there are quite a few closed headphones that do block out most of the sound, and to get rid of the rest, you can always revert to the classic act of turning the volume up. Also, what is the resolution of your TV? Anything less than 4K and you should be able to turn the fans right down, and use a framerate limiter to quieten down the graphics card. I can recommend the Sennheiser G4ME Zero headphones, I have watched multiple reviews and each one speaks highly of these gaming-suited closed back cans. Other than that, pretty well any closed headphone should work, though will not be optimal with extended soundstage or positioning like a high end gaming headset. If you are interested, in my rig, I am using a noctua cooler on a quad core i5 with a 4GB EVGA 960 SuperSC. Most of the parts in my computer will be very quiet, especially after the coveted custom fan curves. Only loud thing would be the PSU, though it is facing away from me in the corsair Air 240. And last but not least, my friend is getting the Game Zero headphones, and also two Delta "Mega Fast" fans for his custom liquid cooled computer, the 4K pushing beast that trashes 2 980s. Those fans have been reported as being louder than a vacuum cleaner each. Don't think a stock Titan X fan should be a problem, hehe.
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Nov 8, 2004
Thanks Johnsy11!

That certainly narrows down my potential options a bit.
I'm going to go down the PNC route in that case.
I realise I completely disregarded mentioning anything about budget, but I'd say I'm pretty much open to anything around 200 quid.
Having said that, I'm not looking to get an Orpheus. :)

I do use a 4k Television, but I'm not using a framerate limiter.
Quite frankly, I've never even heard of such a thing and I always assumed switching on Vsync would take care of that. More fool me!
After having read up on it it does sound like something I'd like to tinker with, at least to see what I could achieve with it.
Anyways, thanks very much for the Sennheiser recommendation.
I'm a Sennheiser fanboy and those do sound pretty neat.

I also found a plethora of decent reviews for the HyperX Cloud II.
There would probably be an added issue of me using the onboard sound, or whatever these headsets ship with (added usb sound cards).
Would that be worth splashing out on the Game Zero for?

In retrospect I could've probably gone for a quieter solution all together, like you did (and it looks pretty fantastic), however this didn't even enter my mind at the time.
Nonetheless, I'm extremely happy with my setup.
Also, I can't wait for the time when G4m1ng H34ds3ts will stop using ridiculous names.

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