Specific differences between the V-moda Vibe and Yuin PK1
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Feb 9, 2007
Well, I got several options for compact headphones from my other post:

However, I'm kind of stuck between the V-moda vibe and the Yuin PK1. What I'm trying to figure out now are the specific differences between these two sets.

Who has listened to both these sets and can comment on their sound characteristics relative to each other?

I dug and dug around in past posts and sort of got an idea of each but not really a sense of how they really compare to one another. The vibes were liked by many, smooth and rich but also airy and open. The PK1 is supposted to be very detailed but not so analytical as some, apparently even having some strong bass presence, perhaps too much? It seems generally encouraged to run these with an amp. I would like the amping aspect to be set asside for now.

All I'm really interested in is how they stack up against each other. Strengths, weaknesses, what music types each favor, highs/mids/lows, level of detail, staging, etc...whatever you feel like commenting on. If the Vibe is $90 and the PK1 $140, is that $50 justifiable in a gain in performance?

I know the PK1 is relatively new, but I know a few of you guys use or at least have demoed them, so I'm hoping for at least a few responses. I've seen a few posts where a person commented both on the Vibe and PK1, but nobody ever seemed to directly compare them to each other, hense I brought up this post.
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Aug 12, 2003
I'd not compare inear-phones (V-Moda vibe) with earbuds (Yuin PK1)...

I though do wish to see how V-Moda Remix and Yuin PK2 compare!

I use both inear-phones & earbuds. I use earbuds when I have to hear external sounds (like when in office or when driving), while I much prefer to use inear-phones where high isolation ain't a problem...

Used to have Westone UM2, which were a good phones, and now considering q-JAYS (since Westone 3 is not yet around, plus it's quite expensive).

And am also considering getting Yuin PK2 to replace my V-Moda Remix, but am not that sure that it would be a notable upgrade, thus, I'd really like to hear how these two earbuds compare. And even though I do have a small headphone amp (XIN Supermini), I prefer to use headphones without an amp, becuase it's much, much more portable --- iPod Shuffle + Yuin PK2 would be great combo if indeed PK2 is better than Remix...
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Apr 28, 2007
I've got my PK1s today and they're burning in now. Psychological effect of hearing such a sound out of a pair of plain-looking buds is overwhelming. Even apart from this I'm really impressed with them, but I'll have to wait for several hours before they open up fully to form an opinion.
My wife has V-moda Vibe Duo as an iPhone headset. Compared to Yuins they certainly look better and are less expensive. SQ-wise the comparison would IMHO be a bit unfair since V-moda lack any SQ whatsoever. They're just ordinary cheap plugs. I've read a lot of the 1st gen Vibes' sound from reputable members of this board though, but can't confirm any of the praises they've got listening to new ones.

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