Speakers for the Audio-GD Compass
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Feb 15, 2009
Hey guys,

I'm looking for some speakers (for my Compass preferably) at the moment. My journey started with the AudioEngine A5, but I found them a bit expensive at €300. It didn't take long for me to find out the A2 was also really good value for €200.
Anyways; not long after that, a local music store decided it would be a good idea to sell some leftover KRK RP2 (1st generation) for €119 a piece.
The reviews were rather positive, and this might be the speakers I'd take home with me.
These are all active speakers, and this could be a waste, since my compass has a pre-amp out. Passive speakers should give better sound as well. But I'm a bit worried about hooking up passive speakers though; since I've read I could burn out my Compass if I overdrive them or something.

I hope you guys can give me some advice to what is and what isn't possible/dangerous. Cause at quick glance, the Behringer B2030P only costs €150/pair and scored rather favourably in this review.
Anyways: I really hope I'm making myself clear. I'm a bit tired atm, so if there's something I'm not clear about: please let me know
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You cannot (or most definitely should not) hook up passive speakers directly to a preamp output. If you are not using the line-level DAC out from the Compass for anything else you should hook active speakers up that way. Otherwise the preamp output would go to a pure power amp with no preamp or volume control of its own (that includes active speakers with volume control - they have a preamp and amp by definition) and then from the pure power amp to passive speakers.
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Ah thanks. I figured as much, nice to have confirmation. Thanks a bunch

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