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Jul 15, 2009
Hello audio junkies,

First post, but a long time lurker.
I'm one of those "my speakers are making popping sounds and I don't know what to do" individuals. Yes, Another

Where to start... To give a little background information.

I am using iTunes as my default media player. I just recently got myself a pair of the Swan M10's ( I gotta say that I love them over my previous speakers ). The M10's are just a little over a week old and have not had any problems with them.

Anyways, back to my problem. I have discovered that a lot of people have had problems with iTunes and "popping" sounds. Starting yesterday I have had some strange "popping" sounds coming from my M10's when using iTunes as my default media player. So, my next step is to see if I get the same problem using other media players, and sadly I do. Common sense would tell me that it isn't iTunes that is the problem.... Right? What baffles me even more is that the songs that I'm having problems with are all purchased through iTunes. And it isn't all of the purchased songs, but a good portion. Imported CD's do not seem to have a "popping" sound at all. Even more bizarre (Maybe not to all of you) is that the "popping" sounds occur relatively in the same time frame throughout the songs... DOH!! I tried disabling and enabling some of my drivers, but am not too sure on which ones to mess with.

Also, I was pointed in the direction of using: DPC Latency Checker V1.1.0
My friends, I'm all green!


New Swan M10's.
iTunes Default Media Player.
"Popping" sound on purchased tunes only.
Getting the same sound on different media players.
"Popping" relatively in the same place during the song.
Latency Checker. Green Baby!
Drivers seem to be up to date.
Note: Keep my cellphone away from my computer.

.... Suggestions?

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