Speaker buzzing/damaged please help
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Hello -- Can someone please help me with my speaker? It's a JBL-800 that I've had since the mid-1990's, and it started buzzing. I removed the grill (glued on, thanks JBL :)) and saw this. There was all this crumbly stuff that looked like old weatherstripping lying on the bottom, and the cone of the woofer looks completely unsupported. An;y idea what happened? Can it be fixed, or does the woofer need to be replaced? If it needs replacing, do I need a specific kind, or will any woofer with the same size and ohms do? This was the right speaker...would the left also be likely to go soon too and should I replace both? I'd be grateful for any advice. Thanks, Robert


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The foam surround for the woofer has disintegrated, which is normal for a speaker that old. There are foam surround replacement kits available. Something like AVS Forums might be a better place to ask since this is for a speaker, rather than headphones. Here is an example of some of the replacement kits available:

Parts Express foam surround kits
There are lots of sources for these foam repair kits, but Parts-Express is a reputable retailer, and you can ask them if one of their kits would fit.

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