Soylent I: Wish You Were Soylent
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Whoops! Let me fix that...

There we go.
Any of you life-hacking hacks get into this (or any of the meal replacement beverages)?
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I heard one report that Soylent is slightly high in trace metals, not really something that is near legal limits, but higher then expected from a health supplement.
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I read that on Ars, and was reminded about the whole arsenic in rice debacle (of course that's a bit different in scope). Wonder about the other replacement beverages...
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I tried it. I liked the taste of the 1.3 formulation but then they went to 1.4 and couldn't really stomach it (tasted 'salty'). I haven't tried it since.
It's a pretty decent meal replacement. I used it during lunch and didn't feel hungry after I drank it. I still have a few packets of 1.4 laying around. If you want to try some and don't mind paying a few bucks for shipping, I can send a bag your way. Just pm me.
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I was personally interested when it came out as I generally did not have the time to prep a proper lunch (even less so, back when I jogged in the mornings), and all the soggy sandwiches I haphazardly made were never really filling, but constantly made me gassy. Then I read all the reports about Soylent causing gassiness, which made it much less viable an option for myself. I don't know if all of the reformulations have fixed that, if it has then great.
The topic of Soylent popped back up in my head because of a relative who's been having trouble eating properly (partly time-constraint related, partly a loss of appetite for solid foods), experiencing fairly low blood pressure, etc. I've looked at other replacement beverages for her as well, including People Chow and the DIY stuff.

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