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South Korea meet?

  1. uchihaitachi
    Anybody South Korean?? And living in Seoul????
  2. asianafrican
    That would be me :D
    I'm in Korea until late August
  3. SoupRKnowva
    this is a bit of a necro bump but Im in korea now for the next couple years and would love to get with some head-fiers out here. I know there was a headphone festival of some kind a few weekends ago that i didn't find out about till the next day [​IMG]
  4. Ojsinnerz
    Well, I plan on being in Korea during the summer for a month this year. That's a few months away, but I'd love to hang out with some head-fiers.

    Oh, and the COEX Mall had some really nice headphone shops where you could try stuff.
  5. SoupRKnowva
    Huh, I was actually planning on heading to the COEX this weekend. Just heard about it on the radio actually. I had only been to the big mall above Yongsan Station, which had a few shops with decent headphone selection and then one pretty nice Stereo Shop i wandered around in for a while
  6. Girls Generation
    Try contacting songmic on here. There's a shop with insane summitfi gear that he's familiar with. And while you're in Seoul, try looking up matjib or famous restaurants/places to eat. We have thousands of years of tradition and culture that is embodied in our food so you should fill up. Also our chicken, and all forms of street food are godly.

    Coex is just a huge mall. Try visiting dongdaemun market, namdaemun market, and myungdong for some shopping.

    Man there's so much stuff to do in Korea.... Meanwhile in Canada.....

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