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SoundMAGIC HP200 Headphones - Review

  1. shaun_g



    SoundMAGIC continues to impress with their full size models. The HP200s have great balance between accuracy and musicality making them a safe choice for home listening. They measure up really well against the best headphones in this price range.


    Great build quality and adjustability, comfortable pads, easily driven and the price is right.


    Aesthetically unadventurous.

    In-Depth Review


    The HP200 is SoundMAGICs first full size open backed headphone. It follows on from their very first full size, the excellent HP100 closed back, with very similar looks and build quality. Because open backed headphones allow sound to bounce around and even move away from the ear they give a more realistic sense of space. This means they do not isolate well but the sonic benefits can be spectacular.


    The HP200 is nearly entirely metal with some tough PE materials for the smaller mouldings. The large earpads and headband are extremely soft and comfortable, the unit itself beautifully ergonomic and relatively lightweight. The range of movement and adjustment is very well thought out with a higher than average amount of articulation, so they should work for anybody.

    Included peripherals

    The single-sided cable is replaceable with a simple locking connector on the left earcup. The cable is 120cm in length and terminates in a 3.5 mm threaded plug with a screw-on 6.35 mm adapter. Supplied with a very nice carry case that holds the 120cm cable, a 3m extension cable and an inflight adaptor, it all fits back into the case with ease.



    This airy sounding open back is really designed for Hifi listening at home but due to the foldable frame, carry case and low weight it could easily help save the sanity of a music loving business traveler confined to a basic hotel room for the evening.

    Describe the sound

    SoundMAGICs HP200 features angled 53mm Neodymium Drivers with a composite surface, are low impedance and quite easy to drive (although they will benefit from a dedicated headphone amplifier). The Sound is quick and bright but reaches down nice and low for thumpy bass when needed. The bass is a really interesting part of the sound – bass heavy instruments articulate extremely well, lower strings have real texture which helps the transparent presentation and dark background. The sound is very measured, no one thing is ruling the roost here, SoundMAGIC have not been tempted to make these overly warm but have also stopped them from sounding too analytical, they don’t fizz, the top end sparkles without being aggressive. Accurate but musical is normally the goal with open backs and thanks to well balanced EQ the HP200 achieve this impressively. Instrument separation is superb and these dynamic and exciting headphones are better than their price would suggest. They would definitely suit people who prefer focus on detail to warmth and clean articulation to big bass.


    To go brighter look at the Grado 325is, to go darker have a look at the Sennheiser HD650. The Shure SRH940 is a similar sonic experience.

    Product Information

    Product Type - Open Back Hi-Fi Headphones
    Price at the time of review - £229.00
    Product Link - Buy SoundMAGIC HP200

    source: SoundMAGIC HP200 - Open Back Headphones - HiFi Headphones | Headphone Reviews & News Blog from HiFi Headphones

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