SoundMagic HP150, Mad Dogs, NAD HP50, Sound Signatures
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Nov 12, 2014
My HP150s just broke and I'm going to replace them.  I'm considering all three headphones in the title, but the only ones I've heard are the HP150s.  I find them to be pretty bright, but also very detailed and mostly very pleasing.  I'd love a headphone like the HP150s with the upper treble turned down 1 or 2 notches.
The Mad Dogs are said to be very "not fatiguing", which appeals to me.  I just wonder how their detail and instrument separation is.  The HP150s excelled at instrument separation and detail.  I'm also wondering if a Magni is enough power for the Mad Dogs.
The NAD HP50s have been recommended to me before and everything I read seems to indicate that they are probably what I'm after, if not the Mad Dogs.  I'd be very curious to hear from someone who's heard both.  Or (totally dreaming here) someone who's heard all three I'm asking about.
I'm open to suggestions for other headphones also.


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