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Soundmagic ES19S?

  1. Yaks18
    Hi, I've been lurking on here for a while but this is my first post.

    I've had my range of IEMs from my first ever Creative EP-630, to the RHA MA-350, to Soundmagic ES18, then the E10 and finally Panasonic JHE-240. Also a bunch of crappy fillers when I lose a pair (happens a lot - so not keen to spend a lot of money on IEMs).

    Out of all those I liked E10s the most, followed very closely by the ES18. I also have the frequency response correction file which made the ES18 sound amazing through my phone. But I'm after a pair that has a mic as well for calls.

    I've seen the Sound magic ES19S on Amazon for a good price but haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else on here. Does anyone have any opinions on this? Does this share the driver with the E10 still?

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