Sound Quality of PX100 and HD25-1, worth the upgrade???
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hi let me BUMP this quite old thread.

I'm using an PX100 right now and like it so much and if i use HD25-1 II unamped will i notice an increase of SQ? i'm afraid i'm too lazy to carry an Amp but maybe will consider later.

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I have the PX100's and am very happy with them. When I upgradded my portables I went with the ATH-ES7. It performs very well without an amp (even better with one) and are closed so you will get the isolation you want. The price is also a lot more wallet friendly (almost half of HD-25's).
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Actually i've thinking about that too. i've actually tried it, but it seems that i really love the Sennheiser dark and warm sound and the ES7 didn't satisfy me enough. So i'm thinking about getting an another Sennheiser portable. But if i can't get a good price (less than 180$), i might as well just buy the ES7.

Thank you for the suggestion
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I have no problems with the bass, but I don't consider myself a basshead. Some one elese might need to answer this one. I don't think are well suited for rap but I don't no about house/electronic music. I also would say that the bass is not muddy or muffled sounding. To me it is kind of punchy.
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Never tried the HD25, but tried the K81 (4 times cheaper, same fit) to see if the HD25 was for me and I found out I really hated the way these things pressed on my ears.
Even stronger, I can't stand my Px100 for more then an hour, while their pressure is small in comparison to the HD25 (I tried it in a shop).
So it's IEMs for me; currently I own the Shure E4 and the denon C700 and love them both. But for others here it's the other way around.
Moral; don't just judge on SQ, see what kind of phones suit you.
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to me, unamped HD25 sounds better than PX100.

also, I agree with dura about comfort issue esp. when you want to buy the HD25 without trying to wear them for a while.
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In all honesty, I don't think that there's much of a difference between amped and unamped HD25-1...
I've used the Total Airhead and found a VERY marginal increase. The soundstage barely increased, and the notes got marginally clearer. It was like a 5% increase at best.

Of all the hype that an amped HD25-1 is something special opposed to an unamped HD25-1 is bogus. To the average listener, they sound the same.
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Well then, so a HD25-1 II will be a great upgrade for DAP compared to PX100?

Maybe u say that they're not so different unamped/amped, but they still sounds excellent aren't they?
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definately!! I absolutely love my HD25-1...
But don't expect THAT much of an improvement from the PX100. Perhaps for the audiophile, but for an average listener like me, it wasn't a MAJOR improvement.
Maybe from 80% to 100%.

Just don't expect your sound quality to double.
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2 words: Hell Yeah!
It's waaay more rugged, It certainly won't break. It's isolated, it's closed, it has better mid's (that wasn't too hard
No matter what I buy, I always come back on the HD25 when I'm in a music-mood.

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