Sony ZX507 Walkman
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Jun 16, 2016
So, I picked this up because I really wanted to be able to have one device that I could carry and do all of the audio stuff I use on the daily with me in my pocket from listening to music from downloaded content or streaming from amazon hd at decent quality to podcasts, audio books, etc.

So far it's been doing all of that perfectly. I'm not 100% happy, lets say 96%

Sound quality is at least as good as the ZX300, I believe the "feel" is closer to the WM1A
I'm 100% happy with the sound.

There are a few little nagging things that keep poking at me though.

First, I'm used to using non-android Sony daps mostly and when you aren't using them
you put them to sleep and when you wake them up the battery is within 1-3% of where you
left it, even if it was a week ago when you put it down. Because this little beastie is android,
no matter what I set how, it's still doing enough in the background to drag the battery down
at least 25-30% OVERNIGHT!!! having had nobody touch it at all. Even if I turn the wifi, bluetooth
etc all off and set "battery saver" mode it still goes down 15+% in a single night of sitting with the
screen off. So it never goes into any kind of sleep or suspend mode no matter what you do it
just turns off the screen.

Basically this means that to use it daily, you have to plug it in every night or it's knackered

The second thing is really an extension of the first thing, sort of. Part of the protocol with the sony daps
that I've followed for a while is I hit the power button, screen goes blank, and then flip the hold switch so
you can't accidentally hit any buttons..... but if I hit the power button on the 507, screen goes blank, I hit
hold switch to on .... a few minutes later I poke a button on the side, screen still lights up, I touch the screen
with my finger and it's fully responsive to touches and will work like the hold button isn't even on ... what
gives? am I missing a setting somewhere?

Anyway .... all of these things should be fixable with some kind of setting or firmware update or something
I'm confident that I'm just stupid and I'm missing it and can't find it with google either .... does
anyone here have any ideas?

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