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Sony WI-1000X Brief Review

  1. dannybgoode
    Note this is review is for the WI-1000X and not the WF-1000X

    I so wanted to like these headphones- I commute by train from Sheffield to Manchester (around an hour) every day and wanted to block the din of the train out. I also like to travel light so was hoping to avoid over the ear 'phones.

    On arrival I quickly tried them on at home and couldn't really tell if I had successfully activated the noise cancelling - I certainly couldn't hear any difference but thought it must just be because I was rushing things.

    So out to the car I went and started up the engine to simulate a train - this time NC was definitely on. The voice commands confirmed this as did the app but it made next to no difference to the loudness of the engine or radio. now I am not expecting complete silence but I could still hear the rain pattering against the windscreen. I also tried very lightly scratching the car upholstery and again it was perfectly audible.

    I then went to a busy supermarket and again no noise whatsoever was muted. I kept cycling through the various NC options and if I was listening really carefully there was a very slight difference between it being on or off but they are in absolutely no way fit to be called active noise cancelling headphones.

    The positives? Well they're well made and very comfortable and for a pair of BT IEM'S the sound quality is very good. Lots of detail, nice balance top to bottom, good imaging etc.

    But, I got these for the ANC and that simply doesn't work. Mine are going straight back...
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  2. spdtdl
    ANC works well for me, once I had the correct tip. I have an industrial fan, and once I activated ANC it could not be heard.

    Anyway, what did you end up buying instead?
  3. TrancerSte
    I got a pair of these yesterday. While I agree the noise cancelling is quite subtle and definitely not as strong as my Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless over-ears, I didn't expect it to be in this form factor. My main use case is also commuting by train, and while they don't completely block out announcements, doors closing beeps etc, they definitely deaden the background noise nicely and allow me to keep my music at a lower volume.

    I tried the largest hybrid tips out of the box and they were not bad, but when fitted with large Comply foams they are much better. I've also ordered some INAirs tips to try too.

    Overall so far I'm very impressed. They sound excellent. I prefer a more bassy, slightly U shaped sound and these are right to my taste. My main comparisons are V-Moda ZNs and the Momentum 2s. My main audio source is a Nexus 6P running Lineage 14.1 with aptX libraries flashed, and the Sony's show as connected via aptX HD in the companion app.

    I love the form factor. With a collared shirt they are almost unnoticeable around your neck and I have been using them constantly in the office today with only one earphone in. While they don't connect to two sources simultaneously like the Sennheisers, they remember multiple devices and switch seamlessly between my phone and my Windows 10 PC. They can't be used while charging, nor do they work as a USB DAC when connected to a PC or Android phone (I had hoped to have the option to use them with a USB-C to micro-B cable for long flights), but these are very minor complaints and pretty esoteric.

    My only real concern so far is the bluetooth connection seems more prone to disruption in noisy RF environments than my Momentum 2s, perhaps due to the higher bitrate of aptX HD over aptX. They've been perfect on the train so far, but I have had some pretty bad dropouts walking through the CBD here, to the point of it becoming unlistenable for a couple of minutes at a time. Admittedly this is a crazy bonkers RF environment among reflective glass buildings, hundreds of cell transmitters, 2.4ghz public WiFis etc. It could also be because the Nexus 6P's bluetooth is notoriously bad anyway and I'm running unofficial aptX libraries on Android 7.1.2. I have a Pixel 2 XL on order so I'll reserve judgement on this till I test with that.

    I got them from Hong Kong for US$259 (~£200) and they are absolutely well worth that price. The inflated UK RRP of £300 would be a tougher sell, though.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
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  4. Ebsound
  5. johnn29
    i keep reading everywhere that the WI-1000x have poor noise cancelling. I just did a direct comparison between the MDR-1000x noise cancelling and the WI-1000x with this clip: .

    The WI-1000x had better noise cancelling. I am using comply foam tips and get a great seal but they are better for sure
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  6. ramy670
    Looking at this thread and considering how many members reporting that the ANC isn't att all that great, I wonder how come these got nothing but praise for their ANC in virtually all the reviews out there! Can anyone please explain?
  7. johnn29
    Probably because they are excellent? I just did a loud metro journey and they were amazing. I think people are just not getting the tips right. Over ear is much easier for NC because there's no variability
  8. ramy670
    I wasn't trying to be cynical, I'm just looking for a quality ANC capable headphones and trying to not by the wrong product. I was going to buy the WH-1000XM2 until I knew about their headband cracking issue.
    Anyway, back to the point, I really don't think that people aren't getting the buds right, how hard can it be after all!
  9. blazer78
    Thought I might chime in on this having owned these for a couple of months. The noise cancelling only works well for linear engine noises.

    Sitting at the back of a bus where the engine makes whirring noises (non-linear), the ANC struggles to adapt (max setting, optimised). It throws out garbage noise trying to adapt to the engine noise. Other issues include bumpy rides, where the bumps can definitely be heard loudly through the noise cancelling. (In these situations, I just turn the ANC off)

    ANC works fantastic on the train though.

    Like the sound signature, but sadly ANC was disappointing on the bus.
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  10. ramy670
    Thanks a lot for your reply. But have you tried other quality ANC heaphones, like the WH-1000XM2 or QC 35, or you're comparing the WI-1000X to how you would like for the ANC to be? : )
  11. blazer78
    How I would like them to be of course (i.e., perfect) :grin:. I own the 1000XM2, but have never taken them out of my house (joke of the century, I know!)

    You get an appreciation of the noise cancelling effects, when you wear them on public transport and just leave ANC on without any music playing. On linear ambient noises (trains and I imagine on planes), the WI1000X deadens the low and low-mid rumbling noises (how it should be). Where it is non-linear (i.e., on the bus based on my experience), you'll hear a noise playing trying to counter the ambient sound, which isn't pleasant as it filters through to the music (rather leave ANC off in these cases).
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2018
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  12. Pro-Jules
    I have these on order because I feel a twit walking around with WH1000X M3's they are just too big and won't work with a winter hat / if it's raining and feel too luxurious to care for long term.

    I am praying the WI are a tad less bassy but I fear they have a similar Sony signature smiley face eq curve.

    The big bass is annoying me.

    I have 3rd party ear plug cushions on order and will expiriment with them to see if they alter the tone any.

    2 improvements over my Bose qc30's will be
    LDAC (Loving this with Hi Res files, see my signature)
    Wired connection for airplane movies.

    I am really used to the bose earbud fit. (Locked into my outer ear shape) but people seem to manage with them..I am worried that just jamming a plug in my ear canal will fall out.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
  13. spdtdl
    Returned mine due to BT disconnects. Now I just use the WH1000X and look a twit!

    But if I can't be bothered to drag the WH1000X along, apple airpods are just so convenient I take them everywhere.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
  14. Pro-Jules
    Ugh. Hope it can maintain LDAC with my new Fiio gadget.

    Well I will keep my options open.

    .thanks for the report.
  15. Pro-Jules
    I must have received a dud pair.

    No bass

    No noise cancelling.

    Sent back -

    New set arriving tomorrow

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