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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. nanaholic
    I don't stream either, streaming services simply doesn't offer the songs/artists I want to listen to. 
    But there's a difference between what one wants and whether his/her wants aligns with what the larger market demands.  I don't go around pretending that my wants represents the entire market, and it just happens that currently, the non-streamer's needs/wants happens to be the more lucrative market that is being catered to. No more and no less.
  2. Whitigir

    I don't stream either, and I agreed. I rather enjoy my collection
  3. emrelights1973
    Same users giving them feedback on betamax i guess! You dont need an app to integrate Tidal, i am not using any app with my Naim streamer so this is a ******** of argument
  4. emrelights1973
    No they are not! You start to beilive what you think or hear as a fact, which is not the case from the data you linked in this topic, so i really can not understand how you can still saying the same thing, it was clear than usa/Eu is more than the rest of the world which is not only asia but canada south america australi africa etc! So please do not keep saying that, it might be fastest growing but is not the bigest market for headphones at all. Ok i get it asia is not into streaming but i am and i think many are, it is not just a walkman so is not my main hifi rig never will be, just to listen some music when i move thus "walkman":) i do still want the best there is but the spirit is always convinience with movement
  5. gerelmx1986
    and sometimes streaming does not offer out of print rare recordings that I have in my collection
  6. Raketen
    Not feelign strongly about, but do find it kind of funny... a few short years ago it would be "Streaming? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! not in my HiFi!" now its "No streaming? Sony are stuck in the past!".

    Technology moves too fast :ph34r:
    audionewbi likes this.
  7. nanaholic
    Sorry but it is.
    Headphone market size since 2011 projected to 2017:
    Green bit is rest of the world (safe to assume it is mostly Asia, as you probably don't need to factor in poor regions like South America and Africa)
    Orange is Europe
    Blue is USA (which is pretty much the entire NA market)
    Only green bit is growing, orange is stagnated, blue has tiny growth. Green is roughly equal to or larger than orange and blue combined, but factor in the growth from previous years it's indisputably the most important market.. So I'm not "believing" anything, that's exactly what the data says. Asia market is more important, fact.  I don't know why that is so hard for people like you to accept that Western market is not so important.
    Oceania market is tiny and never dictates product trends (I know, I come from there! we only get left overs from US/EU, in fact it's now common to lump Oceania as EU cos we matter so little yet our preference is close to EU), Tokyo alone has more people than the entire Australia and I'm willing to bet more people in Tokyo are into portable audio than Australia! 
  8. emrelights1973
  9. proedros
    guys , why not email sony about all the economic-social findings about wifi use ?

    wm1a/z are wifi-less , please get over it and let's talk about the players
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  10. ButtUglyJeff
    There are no new Walkman in the wild yet.  Sony will just take the company line and say the 1A is an improvement over the ZX2.  You might need to wait till October to hear the truth on that...
  11. JACONE

    Good stuff! Thanks much for sharing!
  12. Sonic Defender Contributor
    What do you listen to that you can't find via streaming services?
  13. cthomas

    I couldn't agree more. If you want streaming obviously this is not the DAP for you. Nothing we can do about that.

    Moving along from that subject and on to another... What are peoples thoughts of the aesthetics? Personally, I'm not a fan of the fake leather look on the rear. It looked good on the zx1 and zx2 but it's just not doing it for me on the new Walkmans. I still think the zx1 was the best looking DAP ever made by anyone but that's just me.

    I'm not really a fan of the dual HP outs on the top of the player either. I think it would look much better just having the balanced out but I understand why they need both. If my ZX1 had the same power as the wm1 and expandable storage I'd be in heaven, but I'm still contemplating if I really want to buy this Walkman. If it sounds better than the pha3 through balanced then I will consider it, but the only thing I'm loving about the Walkman from an aesthetic pov is those vu metre and eq graphics. But I'd definitely buy the 1a in a heartbeat if it came in naked aluminium and single output. I don't mind having to buy new cables.
  14. Zakalwe

    The leather look is fine with me, but I would prefer some kind of maintenance hatch that was easy to open and to close. Seen from the front I am not a big fan of the "ears". I do not really buy the technical explanations of their necessity, I think Sony rather wanted to preserve a bit of the signature hump-design of the ZX-series, while getting rid of the impracticality of an uneven back. That being said, I like what this does to the look from the side with the buttons, especially on the black WM1A. It reminds me of the slightly curved, slightly angular black designs of the classic cassette Walkmans of the late 80s and early 90s, in particular the WM-DD9.
  15. gerelmx1986
    I like the looks too but IMHO right side has too many buttons
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