Sony MDR ZX600
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Oct 25, 2009
Haven't had enough time with these to make any in depth comments, but I can say they look great, built pretty well, and would be a far better alternative to the beats solo. 


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These little cans sound pretty darn good for the 70 dollar price tag. An energetic and engaging sound, not too different from the Monster Diamond Tears I reviewed a while back in presentation. Sure, they fall short a bit in every category in comparison, but save for the red wires, they don't look like they're trying to grab attention.
While not having heavy bass, they will lose some of the targeted audience. I strongly like the balance of these little cans. Very good timbre for this price point as well. I'll actually keep these, but won't be buying sets for gifting.
The soundstage lacks depth, but has fair width, and I really like them for trance. The mids and treble are not recessed and blend well with the bass, offering a fairly seamless presentation.
Once again, heavy bass limits the volume for these.  After listening to lots of trance and other bass heavy music, I'm not sure what Sony was thinking.
Teens won't dig the drivers inability to deal with bass at levels that they tend to listen at. They are more suited for rock.
Worth keeping only as a comparative of sound at this price, looks are very good.  They just don't measure up to what the target audience wants In my opinion.
If you listen to bass heavy music loud, you'll be disappointed, the PX100 II can handle heavy bass a bit better.  The Beyer DT235 and several other sets that sell for less offer about this level of sound, minus the style. YMMV

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