Sony MDR-V700DJ vs. Sennheiser HD-590
Dec 1, 2002 at 11:35 AM Post #31 of 32
I don't believe that the 7509 is the same as the V700. I did auditione both headphones at Mars Electronics, and found that the 7509 to sound much better than the V700. The V700 has muddy bass, while the 7509 is quite good in my opinion. My impression might change now about the 7509, since that audition was one year old. But, I can confirm that the 7509 is much better sounding than the V700.
Dec 1, 2002 at 12:47 PM Post #32 of 32
That's interesting. I spent a good few hours swapping these around. Couldn't tell the difference. Could be my crappy AB skills of course but it was the first time that I'd felt two headphones to be exactly the same in sound, not just similar. It surprised me so I did spend quite a long time comparing them. Unless of course Armor All does something bad to driver capsules...

Sovkiller's 7509 was well broken in when I received it, and I've been a longtime V700 user.


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