Sony MDR-V6 left channel not working...What should I do?
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Jun 11, 2004
I picked these up at a swap meet for $5 today, and the left channel doesn't work. I opened the left side up, and all the connections seem to be secure. The minijack plug on the end is slightly bent at the tip, I am not sure if it is enough to completely stop the channel from working though. I wiggled the plug around and twisted it and stuff, and I can't get ANY sound from the left. Are there any good-but-cheap replacement cables I can get or maybe just a stock replacement from Sony? What can I try to fix this one maybe?

Also, the pads are kind of ripped up. Is there a site I can get the Beyer DT-250 pads that I heard are great for these phones?
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The V6's arent that expensive in the first place, and if you're going to need to get new pads, a new cable, etc. for them to get them up to useable shape, I'd recommend that you look to buy a new or used (but working) pair instead. It won't be worth the $ and effort to fix that broken pair up. You're only out $5, which, at least on head-fi, is nothing, so just save them for parts or sell them for parts/as broken.
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Originally Posted by SSSSSmokey
The minijack plug on the end is slightly bent at the tip

i think that is the problem there. you can just cut it off and install a new jackplug easily or get someone else to do it if you can't.

wait, you swap one of your headphone for this one at a meeting?
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Take a multimeter and measure the driver, if it measure correctly and both similar, then the cable is ruined, or the plug....just desoldered the cables from it before.
To replace the cable is a piece of cake, the V6 is a very easy to fix headphone, but if you need a new driver, I support the idea of going for a new one.....
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Thanks for all your help.

I am planning on buying some Grados sometimes when I get some money, but it is always better to have 2 pairs than one pair, you know. And until I get my Grados, it is a choice between fixing the MDR-V6s or sticking with the MDR-G051...those are the ones that come free with the CDs players, if you didn't know.

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