SONY MDR-D77 Eggos Earpads????
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Jun 9, 2009
Hey folks
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First time poster, long time lurker.

Been absolutely nuts about headphones since young.

If you check out my list of headphones, you'll find they're like the who's who of headphones over the last couple of decades.

Came across a thread recently regarding a pair of MDR-D77 eggs selling for £256 on the Bay!

Reminded me that I have a pair of these sitting in a drawer somewhere, which I hadn't used in probably 10 years.

Have dug them out and they're working in perfect order. Still sound great even after all this time. Love them to bits.

Problem is, and I'm hoping someone out there can help me with this, is both the leather ear pieces have split and the inner foam is coming out.

Anyone know where I can get a set (or two!) of replacements here in the UK?

Would love to get them up and running again before my trip to Dubai in a few weeks. Forgot how good they sound. Not sure I could sell them even if someone offered me £256 for them. They're like a huge part of headphone history!

Plan to use them for airplane listening, and my E500s for poolside listening

Thanks for your help guys, and for contributing to what is a truly great forum.


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