Sony Mdr-1a vs Mdr-10rbt
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Jul 3, 2015
So I'm trying to decide on my first pair of around ear headphones. I've shortened my list to the above two. I've a big head and comfort is a big factor.
I'd be using the headphones primarily on the trip to college (I cycle), in college and at home for some light listening. I listen to al sorts of music really, from classical to techno, so i'd be looking for a balanced and accurate pair of headphones. They need to not leak much audio at higher volumes as I'd be using them in public.
I'm drawn to the Mdr-1a because i imagine they have a better sound, are more comfortable. Maybe a bit big though and are less portable than the Mdr-10rbt.
I'm drawn to the Mdr-10rbt because I like the concept of a bluetooth set. Not a make or break factor really, but would be curious to try it out as am usually very prone to breaking headphone cables (around the jack). they look more portable too. Have an NFC phone too so would like to check out the pairing system.
I can get the Mdr-1a for 199€ on the sony site.
i can get the Mdr-10rbt for 219€.
Thanks for any advice!!!
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Dec 16, 2011
grand rapids, mi
I have not heard either. But know with bluetooth headphones you are paying for the bluetooth receiver, a built in DAC, and a built in headphone amp--that's built into the price. And my understanding is that the MDR-10R series is not the same class as the MDR-1A, as you can probably guess from looking at the price difference between the MDR-10R non-bluetooth.

MDR-1A have a reputation for having more of a bass emphasized response.

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