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Sony Ericsson W760 Walkman vs Ipod vs some cheap Player for Music? (Retired Audiophile)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by denon2010, May 13, 2010.
  1. Denon2010
    Hi folks I have the SE 760 slide phone that I play my music on.
    I have the default sony headset that came with the phone. Sounds pretty good I must admit. But its not comfortable enough and I still feel it can be cleaner. LOL
    Yeah I know once an audiophile, always an audiophile.
    Now I need to know if there is any major difference between the sound on a w760 walkman phone and an Ipod and well say a Nokia 5530 xpress music phone?
    This portable system will be used for both my exercise since I am trying to loose 80 lbs. And well used when I need some good loud music without disturbing anyone in the other room.
    I have decided to go with either of the skull candy
    and this newer one here
    And yes yes yes I know skull candy is crap. Remember I had Senn HD555 and Denon D2000 but I am specifically speaking about the very low price these are going for on Amazon here.
    For the $$$ can we really complain? that sc sbb series is only $18 US
    My concern is how long will it last? I heard most ear buds no matter the brand always seem to give out in a few months one side always short out.
    I recently sold my audio rig. Well I had a Denon D2000 and a Asus Xonar DX sound card.
    Got a good deal so I let it go to be honest I have recently retired from Audiophile I have been in this hobby over 5 years. I still will never forget my Denon D2000 they were the most beautiful thing I ever owned in my life. I owned so many the Ath-M50 and HD555 and the list just goes on.
    My reason for retiring from audiophile is really because I do not have the time anymore. To appreciate audiophile you must sit in a dark room and listen to very high quality rip music mostly FLAC to be honest. It was a nice journey without a doubt, I had known of head fi many years BTW. I am not in anyway new to this site.
    But audiophile was wasting my life because I am young and I had decided to get a Job a real one instead of spending so much time on head fi and other forums. I know one thing I will never look at bose again and say its the best and when someone says it is the best I will laugh a lot.
    I am not looking to get back into the audiophile hobby anytime soon. Maybe one day when I get a wife and married and I am older and have nothing to worry about maybe then I will get back into the hobby. But for now I just want a ear bud for around $30 US or less that will do the Job without falling apart.
  2. Denon2010
    I was also thinking about the Ipod Touch 8GB that Amazon has for $180 US
    I assume its as slim as the newest iphone 3gs? and it can play all games as the iphone 3gs?
    Really considering that ipod touch but how is the quality of music compared when we are speaking of mobile?
    I mean like power the built in AMP. The Bass etc.
    Or you think any cheap music player will sound just as good?
  3. JeckyllAndHyde


    You've chosen a bad forum then:)

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