Sony CD3000 (headband) FiX request
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Sep 28, 2007
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Hey peeps,
Requesting help on fixing this legend. A while ago I had the chance to buy a ''project CD3000''. Previous owner had already worked on the headband/suspension strap but in my opinion needed and still needs a rework. To get to the point, is there anyone out there who greatly enjoys DIY but is also experienced and confident he can succesfully finish the project according to this guide? Ideally someone based in Europe. International shipment tax hits back and forth are uninteresting.
I made it as far as step 8 cleaning the drivers. Third party earpad replacements are also in place. What's left to be done is A> replacing headband/suspension strap material and B> reapplying foam over and around the drivers. If it has to be I could take care of the foam job myself.
I'm not in a hurry and will be picky who I'm trusting the headphone to.. if ever there's going to be hero to stand up in the first place 
 PM me and we'll talk details. Thanks in advance.
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I dont think some will do for you, this not difficult DIY.
For the headband is easy with:

Only that susp. band is more work.

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