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Something as comfy as Sennheiser's but with more bass?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ali123, Feb 15, 2015.
  1. ali123
    Hey guys, I love how comfy my Sennheiser HD598 is and I've had the HD595 previously with the foam removal mod but I feel like I'm missing bass with these headphones. Reason why I haven't got a Grado is because I hear they are uncomfortable and I'm really picky about the comfort of my headsets. Hate anything that feels heavy or adds pressure to my head. Sennheiser's feel so good in that regard. Do you guys have any recommendations on what I should get if I'm looking for something comfy and more bass heavy at the same time? I was thinking of the HD600 but not sure if that's enough... I listen to trance/techno alot and that's what I need it for. Budget is $300.
  2. Mr Rick
    Read up on the Philips X2s. Most comfortable cans I own. Better then my HD 598s or HD 650s, and a bit more bass as well.  They are right at the top of your budget, but worth it.
  3. ali123
    Thanks that's the first I've heard of them will take a look. What do you guys think of the Beyer DT770?
  4. kramer5150
    If all you want is more bass extension/impact I would shy away from completely changing headphones.  IMHO it would be a give and take proposition... yeah you may gain in one-two aspects, but you will lose out in others.  Don't be afraid to adjust the EQ a little bit to taste.  I add about 3-3.5 db at 32Hz on the iTunes EQ to compensate for the sub-octave roll-off on all my cans (see sig).  The exception would be the senngrado where I cut bass by that much... its too bassy for my tastes.
    The DT770 was my entry into HF and It was nice for some things, but its 2-3khz midrange recession and peaky 9khz treble made instrumentation sound very un-natural.  They are great movie DVD cans though.
  5. FriedRice25
    Beyerdynamic DT-990 arevery comfy and have lot's of bass. However you also will get strong treble and recessed mids.
  6. ali123
    mmm I think I will like the DT-990 based on it's comfyness and bass levels apparently. Plus it's price really good right now. Thanks for the info.
  7. RushNerd
    I was in your position too years ago, except I had the HD650s, I had some issues with them, but minor compared to it's level of bass. I can't speak for the DT990 pros, but the DT990 premium models simply did not have a low end I could find acceptable and the treble peak literally gave me a headache after 30-60min. I nearly gave up on open headphones, but ended up settling on the Hifiman HE-400 because of their powerful, yet clear sub-bass. 
    Just thought i'd chime in because I know exactly what it's like to love Sennheiser's offerings, but want more low end. I just have to say I honestly don't think you would be happy with DT990's if you were wanting more bass out of your HD595. My HD650 didn't respond well to low-end EQ, but the HE-400, sure as hell did!
  8. canthearyou
    I say X2
  9. Mr Rick
    ^^^^^^ see above^^^^^^
  10. Badfish5446
    I own the HD650 and HD555, DT990 Pro, X2 and I've spent time with my buddy's DT770.  If money savings is a top concern and you have a fondness for treble as well as bass go with the DT990 Pro (I snagged this under $150 new).  If you really need isolation go with the DT770.  If neither of the previous two criteria are high priorities the X2 is a no brainer.  It's one of the most comfortable phones I've ever put on, it's bass is much higher in quantity than the 555 (which is less than the 598 but not by a large margin) and is an extremely solid all-rounder for music (all genres), movies and games.  Not to mention the low impedance and fairly high sensitivity make it easier to drive than the other options present (excluding the 32-ohm variants of the Beyer cans).  If you want to strap to dual subwoofers to your head you can alway pick up the Ultrasone Pro900 on sale (I only use that for EDM).
  11. spdtdl
    990's will destroy your soul with treble. Go X2, and hope you get lucky on the X2 QC lottery.
  12. 396629

    A matter of opinion not fact. Have you heard a 990? Personally I think the treble is just right.Some other headphones are treble deficient. My opinion, not fact:)

    They uplift your soul
  13. spdtdl
    Yes I owned a pair, few of my mates tried them too. I got no love for them and neither did they. Migraine in a can. 
  14. 396629

    Everyone has an opinion and entitled to it. I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks the DT990 is a fine headphone and the best value you can get. Less than £90 or 1/3 price of the Philips!

    Just don't use it straight out of a computer or phone they deserve something better.

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