Someone in Japan made the Fona CIS-310 but who?
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Jan 14, 2009
Anyone know anything about these? It's my dad's old trusted ones. After I got into HiFi and they had to buy a new stereo system anyway I got them to get some proper NAD (amp+CD) + Cambridge(DAB+FM) + B&W speakers he pretty much stopped using them as of course what I got them was way better
Any who I've been allowed to take them for a spin for a while and I thought someone might know something?





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Maybe FONA is the company?
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Fona is a retailer founded in 1926 and I believe my old man got them in the 80'ties. My mom actually got a Denon LP player for his birthday last year since he has quite a large and good music taste or atleast had back then like Meat Loaf - we got him some of his triolgy remix on CD & consert-DVD this Christmas...
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Well... Basically they are what I would expect from an old closed Japanese made HP... If I didn't knew better you could have told me Denon or someone with the same type of tastes and philosophy was making these... thats about as close as I get. Also the left speaker is faulty at times and in some angles. Think there is a loose connection in the internals as the removable XLR like 3 prong plug are fine - no wonder my dad didn't use them much thought he told me several times they where "high-end". I only wish he remembered that his son works with more than computers sometimes

Ohh well his the type who means it in good faith - hes an highly respected economical expert in pension circles so he loves anything that lasts. I swear he would have a midrange BMW if not because they don't last as well as equally priced Toyotas. Despite my mom and I had to fight for many years just to get an VHS machine he always bought the best stereo and such for a long term, HQ experience but just didn't know of "real" audiophile quality before I found him some when I started getting into it. After getting an decent stereo thought he has been a bit reformed and got the then top of the line Samsung 40" LCD, actually finally got sat tv and started using his company paid PDA. Of course this just happened just shortly after I moved from home waay back then
Oh well that just meant that I was so jalousie I had to find some "cheaper" way audiophile heaven
Sadly I resently realized that my HD 800 with Headrooms UDAC/BUDA combo is much more expensive than their stereo system unless you count in their 40" LCD.... thought mine are audio heaven of the n'th degree of course
(still waiting for for my own HD 800 thought at the time of writing

More on the sound: Somewhat boomy and boxy. High-mids to mid-highs are to light and elevated. Like someone had pushed on a pop equaliser setting... Thought that seems to disapair some with proper amping and especially the UDAC/BUDA combo - but the latter makes anything sound alot better IMO
I sound note these are supposively made for an old style high-end consumer stereo like Sony or something with standalone amplification so that is really not much of a surprice. My dad used them with his old Sony's before they died.

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