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Jul 25, 2002
hi everyone..

im an absolute beginner (i havent built anything yet) but when i see the work of some people and their amps i really want to get started and build my own guys make it look easy
this will be the fist one i make and i have some questions...

these questoins are only few...but i have hundreds i just dont want to make this look like a diyist test..

1/ what is the simpliest yet good amp for someone who has never built anything??

2/ how much will it cost using nice components?

3/ how hard is the meta42 to build?

4/ is there any user-proved good componet configuration (money not an issue..using common sense) for the meta42 ?

5/ what are the best places to buy components online?

6/ is there any page with a step-by-step explanation on how to build the meta or any other amp??

my ultimate goal is to build a quality amp, make it look good and sound even better.

thank you

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