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Some general (not SQ) questions about Ultrasone construction

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hanafuda, Jan 28, 2010.
  1. Hanafuda
    I am not in immediate need, but after a couple years with IEM's and an ATH-ES7, I am determined to get a circumaural upgrade. This is for a 'transportable' rig for home/office/hotel. I don't walk around with phones on. But I need to be able to pack into a courier bag or small backpack ... something not too cumbersome to carry into the office. So, folding and/or near indestructible headphones would be a BIG plus. I'm looking at Ultrasones HFI and PRO series because they look overbuilt, they look comfortable for foldup headphones, they can fold into a ball or lay flat (versatile for packing), and they can be driven well by most good portable amps.

    What I'm interested to know ....

    1) how is Ultrasone's build quality? Are they as sturdy and overbuilt as they appear? Are they (physically/microphonically) noisy while being worn? I have a big noggin and headphones tend to be under stress on my head ... with the ATH-ES7, being supra-aural, I get creaks from the swivel hinges every time my ears twitch.

    2) how about comfort? Whether it be the HFI or PRO series, I've seen mention here about Ultrasones being uncomfortable, but I don't really see why unless they clamp horrendously. Of course, lots of people complain about the ES7 too, and I find them very comfortable except for the aforementioned microphonic noise issue I have with them.

    3) finally, given my conditions above, what other "transportable" circumaural headphones would you suggest that would be an upgrade from the ES7 and Super.fi 5 Pro I'm using now?

    thanks to any who can assist.
  2. tisb0b
    I can only speak for myself but I find the build quality on my ultrasone pro900's to be quite good. They do need to be worn in a bit but once worn in I find them to be extremely comfortable. I prefer the fit on my ultrasone's to that of my AD900's which I just sold yesterday.

    If you can afford it go for the Ultrasone Pro900's and they also come with quite a sturdy carrying case which is a bonus. They do require a little bit of amping to sound their best though.
  3. stang
    I have the ALO-780, wonderful sounding cans. Ear pads are a bit hard but you get used to it. There are DT250 pads for them but I hated the extra bass, loss of high's and los of bass impact that it caused. You have different ears and tastes though, you may love them. I would recommend the PRO 900 or ALO-780. The PRO 900 are less forgiving (use bad system and bad music, will sound bad), more expensive used but are more comfortable by the looks of it and sounds better most of the time, depending on your system, music and of course tastes. Build quality wise mine seem great. Mostly plastic but don't break easily or anything.
  4. Hanafuda

    Originally Posted by stang /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Build quality wise mine seem great. Mostly plastic but don't break easily or anything.

    Thanks guys. Is the headband metal-reinforced?
  5. stang
    Sorry, got no idea and don't want to check, too busy enjoying the music [​IMG]
  6. Stickyfoot
    There's a metal strip inside the headband which can be bent with firm (but gentle) pressure to expand the fit a bit.

    I've had two pairs of Ultrasones, the 780s and the 900s, and both seem well built, though a bit plasticky. The 900 is far superior in comfort and sound, IMO.

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