Some brief questions about K340
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May 20, 2003
1. Is $100 a good price on these headphones?
2. Do they need to be modded to sound good? How much does it cost to mod them?
3. How many different K340s are there? Which ones are better?
4. Would RKV be a good match?

I have a chance to try these, but want to know what I'm getting into.
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Oct 14, 2002
1. Very good price, buy them before someone else does.

2. Nope, they sound pretty good stock, at least on par with a Senn 580/600, but a lot of improvements can be had from modding them. Cost depends, a basic job can be done for about $20 using Cat-5/6 network cable, some electrical tape, blue sticky-tack, a bit of heat-shrink tubing and a headphone plug if you're handy with a soldering iron. Sky's the limit on how much you want to spend. No idea on costs to contract it out to someone else if you're not comfortable doing it yourself.

3. 3 versions have been confirmed to date, there may be more but we haven't seen them yet. There's the bass-heavy version which I have, a version that's a bit bass-light but more detailed and open sounding with better treble extension (philodox's 1st pair), and one that's similar to the latter but with more bass, though not as much as the first version. Which one is right for you depends on your tastes and priorities, personally I prefer the 1st & last versions I listed.

4. I don't know, I've never heard an RKV, but I remember reading posts which report they're a good match.

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